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Bravo has stellar show ratings and a loyal fan base; its “Heavy Viewers” make up only 10% of Bravo’s viewer base, but account for 63% of viewership.

The other 90% of Bravo’s viewer base is made up of casual/light viewers.


There are some major differences in how these two targets view the Bravo network.



Create an app that utilizes APIs to solve a marketing problem for Bravo television network.


Bravo is the fastest growing Top 20 ad-supported cable entertainment network. With a diverse portfolio of unscripted TV shows, the network’s mission is to “deliver the best in food, fashion, beauty, design, and pop culture to the most engaged, upscale and educated audience in cable.”

Heavy Viewers

10% of audience

This project was completed as part of 360i’s 2016 summer internship program.

My Role

Bryn Bissey - Strategist

Jess Dunne - Account Manager

Katie Silverman - Insights Analyst

Shayne Bontempo - Media Analyst

Lexi Strahl - Social Media Coordinator

Brittany Newman - Art Director

The Team

  • Segmenting Bravo TV viewers

  • Determining the core business challenge

  • Articulating the opportunity

  • Organizing presentation structure and deck

  • Working with teammates to brainstorm and execute creative concepts

Casual/Light Viewers

90% of audience

88% Female

63% 35+

 When they watch Bravo they feel...

  • Excited

  • Energetic

Most likely to watch Bravo…

  • As their first-choice network

  • With friends and family

  • During the prime time TV hours

62% Female

55% 35+


 When they watch Bravo they feel...

  • Bored

  • Lazy

Most likely to watch Bravo…

  • After they’ve scrolled through every other channel

  • By themselves

  • During the day, when they need background noise

Challenge Synthesis

90% of Bravo’s viewers don’t consider Bravo TV to be “prime time-worthy”.


This is problem for Bravo because:

  1. Prime time ad placement still commands the highest price

  2. Prime time viewership preserves cable networks and prevents cord-cutting


Build excitement around PrimeTime episodes through an app that offers all viewers exclusive benefits to enhance their Bravo experience

But...what excites reality TV viewers? What do viewers get from watching reality TV?


Secrets of Status (SOS) is an extension to the already existing Bravo app. Each week, SOS provides prime time viewers with secret, custom tips and recommendations (drink and food recipes, hair ideas, DIY projects, etc.) that allow them to live like their favorite Bravo TV stars.


The viewer accesses SOS from the Bravo app landing page.​

How it works:


When the viewer first opens SOS, they are asked to answer a series of personal questions.


During a commercial break during new episodes, the viewer will be prompted to unlock their tip by moving their phone in a specific motion.


SOS provides the viewer with a tip that is customized to their personal information and geographic location.

How tips are customized:

Show Relevance  +  Personal Information  +  APIs


The Real Housewives attend a cocktail party  +  The viewer likes fruity drinks, but is watching their weight  +  The viewer lives in Houston, TX, where it's 81 degrees out


= Low-Cal Piña Colada Recipe


Kick Off Contest

SOS will kick off with Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. For the last 5 weeks of the season, SOS members will be entered to win relevant and customized prizes when they unlock their SOS tip.

The grand prize winner will receive a catered season finale viewing party for themselves and 100+ of their closest friends at one of New York's premiere dining locations (maybe some stars will even stop by for a surprise visit!).

Reality TV depicts a seemingly attainable fantasy

Psychology Today article found that the one thing that separates reality TV viewers from non-reality TV viewers is a "desire for status". Reality TV gives viewers a break from reality and allows them to fantasize about gaining status through automatic fame.