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Today, Gatorade is a brand catered to the professional athlete. However, its biggest consumer is the amateur. While amateur athletes aspire to perform like the professional, the reality is they don’t have the time or resources available to craft their athletic prowess. Gatorade’s G-Series offers fuel for athletes of all levels. But, with products ranging from pre-workout fruit-and-nut bites to post-workout protein recovery smoothies, the amateur may be confused about what mix of products is right for their training schedule.


In the year 2008, the once iconic sports drink, Gatorade was on the precipice of disaster. After years of stymied growth, the flagship’s sales had dipped almost 10%, while rival Powerade gained 13%. The brand’s message had been diluted to the point of uselessness: hydration is good and something about electrolytes? And, the product itself was known more as a hangover cure than anything else.


Luckily in the years to follow Gatorade rebranded its product line as the G-Series and respun itself as a lifestyle brand devoted to athletic prowess. Now Gatorade’s mission is clear. Go to their website and you can see; they call themselves The Sports Fuel Company.



As Gatorade continues its transition from a sports drink company to a lifestyle brand, it is the perfect opportunity for the company to open up a retail experience focused on educating athletes on how to perform to their potential.

Store Concept: The Gatorade Locker Room


A combination of modern and rustic elements creates an atmosphere that is professional, but also welcoming.



Inspired by the locker rooms and training facilities professional athletes have access to, the Gatorade store will empower and educate athletes of every level.

The store will sell Gatorade products and merchandise, as well as workout accessories and wearable fitness technology.


Interior Inspiration

Fuel Kiosks

Fuel kiosks combine the knowledge of Gatorades' expert trainers and nutritionists to offer a quick and simple nutritional analysis and recommended products based on self-report demographics and activity levels.

Store Employees

Hydration Specialists and Store Associates dress and act as nutritionists and trainers rather than sales people.

Store Features

Athlete Testing Room

An athlete testing room allows customers to experience what it's like to train like a professional.

LED Wall

An interactive LED wall displays stats from customers' fitness wearables. 

Gatorade Truck

The Gatorade truck will travel to events like youth sports tournaments and biking and running races to educate consumers on nutrition and the Gatorade product line.

Gatorade Branded Weight

The Gatorade weight (available as a limited time novelty) provides a recyclable bottle that has a second life as a 2 lb. weight.


Bryn Bissey - Creative Brand Manager

Colleen Hiegel - Creative Brand Manager

Jenny Regan - Creative Brand Manager

Jerry Valencia - Creative Brand Manager


Create a retail experience for a brand.

  • Researching Gatorade's business history

  • Conducting consumer research (focus group facilitation and survey creation/analysis)

  • Determining the core communications barriers

  • Developing the "Locker Room" store concept

  • Working with a UX designer to create the Fuel Kiosk
  • Working with teammates to brainstorm and execute creative concepts
  • Working with teammates to organize presentation structure and deck

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