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In the United States the mobile market is dominated by Android (78.1% market share) and Apple (18.9% market share). As the market share for Windows Mobile continues to shrink domestically, there is momentum with 3rd party OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) developing Windows phones in other countries.


Develop a plan to grow the market for Windows 10 Mobile – via a new feature called “Continuum.” Microsoft Continuum is a device that lets users connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to their Windows 10 phone for a PC-like experience.




Microsoft Continuum


Japan has a regionally skewed market with many Windows phone models not found in other parts of the world. Additionally, the country has a thriving business sector that relies heavily on the Windows operating system for its desktop devices.


The opportunity to launch Continuum in Japan coincides with the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. With all eyes on the country, this could be an optimal opportunity to capture the equity of the Olympics and promote the product around the world.




Japan's business culture is extremely cutthroat, yet collectivistic -- businessmen work hard for the good of their company rather than individual glory. Collective success is essential and teamwork is of paramount importance.


Utilizing the upcoming olympics as inspiration, there is an opportunity to position Microsoft Continuum as the tool that can ensure your team outperforms the competition.

Microsoft Continuum      X


Television Spot

A relay race acts as the perfect metaphor to demonstrate Continuum's ability to connect coworkers around the globe in order to achieve a common goal. 

Interactive Billboard

In order to demonstrate the possibilities of Continuum's connectivity, an interactive billboard allows passerbys to challenge friends to a fun and competitive game directly from their phone.

Airport Lounge Installation

In anticipation of the 2020 olympics, Japan's Narita Airport was redesigned around an indoor running track, making it the perfect location for a Contiuuum Airport Lounge. The lounge will feature Microsoft desktops with Continuum devices, as well as informational posters encouraging users to hook up their Microsoft phones. 

Creative Concept: Continuum helps you work on the go. It’s the additional team member that keeps you close to your business. 

Tag Line: Work Together. Win Together.

  • Researching viable international markets

  • Investigating Japanese business culture and determining a target audience

  • Working with teammates to craft a strategy and launch plan

  • Working with teammates to organize/design presentation structure and deck

My Role

The Team


Bryn Bissey - Creative Brand Manager

Lauren Tresco - Strategist

Kaitlin DeMayo Long - Copywriter

Ken Tsuchiya - Art Director

Liwen Xu - Art Director

Abby Walter - Experience Designer